Catalyst 2008

So i find myself forgetting to blog more and more, considering that this is the 1st time I’ve blogged in October. Well life has been great. Todd and I and som other guys from the church went to Catalyst last week and it wasa incredible. I for so long have had no desire to read and saw no use in it. But after this past week I realized why they say “Leaders are Readers and Reader are Leaders”.

I used to think that all these guys that wrote were talented but what did they have to say to me that I couldn’t personally hear from God or spiritual leaders in my life, but when I heard them and heard their passion and desire to see the people of Christ rise up and take their place as ONE BODY TOGETHER I realized that they had incredible things to say.

So i have committed to myself to read and read a lot. Now this is hard since I have not read an entire book since High School. But I know that I need to read so I begin.

I will be chronicling my reading journey on my website…… so check it out…

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